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Why EduconIndia Medical?

For over 15 years, EduconIndia Medical has been providing some exceptional service and quality training to Medical students and Graduates, helping them crack USMLE and attain Residency in a guided procedure. 

Our unmatched expertise, convenient online access, full length exam practice and timely updation of course, prepares students to face any adversities which come their way in the long haul of attempting Residency. 

Our aim is to provide end-to-end guidance and stay with the student throughout their journey, starting with USMLE Preparation until Residency is attained. To meet this purpose we have, after 15 years of learning and innovation in the field of Medical Education, devised a program which works for the Student throughout their journey, once they register.

It’s convenient, cost effective and to-the-mark!

What The Program Accommodates?

  1. Latest Pre-recorded Lectures from Boards and Beyond
  2. Latest Study Material from Uworld Medical
  3. NBME Final Assessment Exams
  4. First Aid for the USMLE Step 1
  5. ECMFG Registration
  6. ERAS Application
  7. Clerkship
  8. Interview Preparation
  9. Visa Application And all other extended services

To Apply For Program Scholarship

Below are the prerequisites to apply for the Scholarship on the ‘Student To Resident’ program

• Distinction level academic score in medical Graduation

• Distinction level academic score in medical Post Graduation

If you are a scholar, kindly get in touch with us and avail additional discount on our ‘Student-to-Resident’ program.