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Exclusive Integrated USMLE Course Review and Q & A Session

We all know how important guidance and revisions are.

Here’s a chance for you all to have direct interaction with a highly acknowledged professor Dr. Wazir Kudrath who will do an integrated review based on the current trends.

Benefits of attending EduconIndia Medical Integrated USMLE Course Review and Q & A Session

* Over all Course Review

* Resolving USMLE related queries

* Self Analysis

* First-aid material

* Sharing crisp information related to USMLE Exam

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Why do you need to register for this Virtual Session?

Studying online in these amidst times is difficult, so here we have got you a 2 Day online session where you can directly interact with the mentor and your fellow mates. This will help you strengthen your preparation and learn a few tips to crack the USMLE Exam. All the Best! See you on 17th September.

About Dr. Wazir Kudrath
Dr. Wazir Kudrath has gathered experience for over twenty years of preparing both American medical graduates and international medical graduates, for the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). Over the course of years, he has also curated a team of experts in various fields of education and medical practice to his repertoire, to create an “A” team as an indispensable resource for medical students and medical graduates who seek to “smash” The USMLE.
Dr. Kudrath has prepared students from all of Latin America, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Europe. His expertise and excellence have brought a network of former students working in hospitals in almost every state in the United States.

You know him as a very good mentor.

I know him as a person who made a difference in above a million students life.

Talk to him, and make your USMLE prep easy with his expert advice.

– Ms. Srinidhi Naidu


Why EduconIndia Medical?

For over 15 years, EduconIndia Medical has been providing exceptional service and quality training to Medical students and Graduates, helping them crack USMLE and obtain Residency in a guided procedure.
Our unmatched expertise, convenient online access, full-length exam practice, and timely updation of course, prepares students to face any adversities which come their way in the long haul of attempting Residency.
Our aim is to provide end-to-end guidance and stay with the student throughout their journey, starting with USMLE Preparation until Residency is attained. To meet this purpose we have, after 15 years of learning and innovation in the field of Medical Education, devised a program which works for the Student throughout their journey, once they register.