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Dr. Alice Akunyili

Dr. Alice Akunyili

Kaplan's USMLE Faculty

Dr. Alice Akunyili is the Associate Director of Medical Curriculum at Kaplan Medical. During her tenure with Kaplan Medical she has helped thousands of doctors pass the USMLE and successfully navigate the process of medical licensing in United States. Prior to joining Kaplan Medical, Dr. Akunyili served as the Communications Director for Bluefield Associates, a drug manufacturing company in California. She has experience in research and development and clinical trials. Dr. Akunyili earned her MD degree at Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara, Romania where she graduated with honors.

EduconIndia USMLE Step1 Batch-2 Schedule

Anatomy (Gross&Embryology)26th – 28th May, 2019