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Special Drive on Clerkship Placements

  • Your Opportunity to get through Clerkship!
  • One-on-One sessions with Industry experts.
  • Placements in US Medical Schools for Clerkship's.
Sunday, 20th September 2020  10:00  am – 06:00 pm

Clerkships are full immersion learning experiences in practice base facilities, where students will have one-on-one patient interactions and application of clinical sciences. This real world educational experience is what separates clinical sciences from basic sciences. Under supervision, students have their first experience of patient care during their rotations. They are responsible for obtaining information and determining the final treatment plan. The interaction and realities of patient care have the greatest impact on the transformation of the student.

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Why Clinical Clerkship Consultancy with EduconIndia

  • Guidance on choice of hospital / university application
  • Guidance on Application requirements and paper work
  • USMLE curriculum adaptability
  • Low costs – when compared to direct approach
  • Industry Experts as personal consultants

Importance of Clinical experience

Enormous amount of time by medical school students is spent on studying textbooks and acquiring knowledge. However, a good doctor has more than clinical knowledge:

Most of these skills or traits cannot be taught in a lecture or seminar. They have to be exercised and practiced.

Pros of clinical rotations in the US

Residency Match: Evaluation and letter of recommendation (LOR) from “hands-on” clerkship in US raises your chances in the Match.

Specialty: During clerkship, you will deepen your knowledge in the specialty of your interest, and confirm whether it is (or isn’t) the best career path for you.

Culture: The work culture in US university hospitals is very busy and outcome-oriented. Also you will have and chance of experiencing various educational conferences.

How to apply and get Clerkship in the US

Exams scores tell how you can study and think. But real-life experience from the hospital gives you the feel of what your future job is going to be like, and can help you decide on the right specialty. Also, personal evaluations from the US are important for the residency.

  • Ability to use the knowledge and interpret the findings in a particular patient
  • Good communication skills and empathy with patients
  • Good interpersonal skills with colleagues and fellow doctors
  • Consistent improvement in patient service skills