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EduconIndia Medical, a progressively growing professional Student Consultancy, offers Overseas Educational consultancy services to students who are passionate about studying abroad. EduconIndia Medical is a recognized overseas student consultancy organization and a preferred destination for its Student Training and Consultancy Programs targeting Global Professional Entrance Exams including the USMLE.

We are ‘with the student’ right from the beginning of the application process and ‘for the student’ until his settlement is right around the corner. We enhance and transform dreams into reality by framing the curriculum to be their potential success secret. Exclusively hosting , the study material we plan to frame transforms with time and tide to match the on-going and upcoming exam formats to instill confidence and skill to crack the examination.

Apart from the quick-reflexed updated study material, we walk right from the time they apply for their counselling on what PG course/domain rightly fits the student, to applying for the entrances, to training the students with quality preparatory material, to getting the admissions paperwork done, to applying for licenses, to guide through the job search, we sail through the journey. The services with EduconIndia Medical are manifold; the student will be given a spectrum of wise benefits including broad study materials, self- assessing examinations, consultancy service, and future residential services.


We create potential methodologies involving technologically driven strategies to meet with flying success, the spectrum of abroad-study options.


To serve and retain the quality study methodology for the benefit of passionate students aiming to study abroad and ensure their success all along.


To guide aspiring students through the study-abroad process and ensure their success through our pursuit of motivated training.


We stand and strive to cater to the educational abroad-study options of the broad student-community based in India.


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