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Our goal is to help you succeed in your residency goals

  • By Helping you to develop a more competitive Match application.
  • By Helping you to navigate the residency application rocess

The Medical Licensing Process

Here are some specific questions to help evaluate your application and overall competitiveness

  • Did you have strong USMLE scores?
  • Do you have any clinical experience in the US?
  • Did you apply to enough IMG friendly hospitals?
  • Did you focus on Community or University Based hospitals?
  • Did you apply mainly to competitive specialties?
  • Did you have strong letters of recommendation?
  • Was your personal statement strong and well written?
  • Did you submit your application at beginning, midway or towards the end of the application window?
  • Are you prepared for your interviews?

Clinical Experience “Should be a priority before applying in the Match”

  • Externships: a “hands on” opportunity. Experience consist of essential elements of primary care such as interviewing, examining patients and subsequently collaborating with the Attending regarding a diagnosis and care plan
  • Observerships: opportunity to gain first hand experience in the US Healthcare System.Observers shadow faculty and doctors in hospital rounds or outpatientclinics. And, witness first hand the provider-clientinteractions
  • Research: Opportunities in desired field
  • Volunteer work at nearest teaching hospital – Many VA hospitals have programs for volunteers